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Sherlock season 1 2010

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Original Title: Sherlock
Country, Channel: UK, BBC One
Release Date: July 25, 2010
Genres: Crime, Drama
Creator: Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat
Cast: Jonathan Aris, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott, Rupert Graves, Benedict Cumberbatch, Una Stubbs, Louise Brealey
Runtime: 85–90 minutes
Language: English
A consulting detective named Sherlock Holmes is looking for a roommate and meets John Watson, a military doctor who has just come back from Afghanistan. They settle at 221B Baker street at a house of an old maid named Mrs. Hudson. Sherlock and John help Scotland Yard solve difficult cases by using observation, analysis, deduction as well as modern technologies like Internet and cell phones... Together they investigate a series of mysterious deaths. The police considers these deaths to be suicides but Holmes is convinced that they are dealing with a serial killer. Holmes' old friend offers him to take part in investigating the appearance of incomprehensible signs in a locked room. Soon it becomes clear that these symbols are somehow connected to recent murders. An explosion takes place in the house opposite of Holmes and Watson's place on Baker street. Soon the terrorist begins playing a dreadful game with Sherlock: he has to clear various crimes in a very short period of time, otherwise the explosions will continue.

Sherlock tv show season 1 download episodes:

Episode 1: A Study in Pink (624×350, .avi, 700,16 MB)
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Episode 2: The Blind Banker (624×350, .avi, 700,42 MB)
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Episode 3: The Great Game (624×350, .avi, 700,03 MB)
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