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  1. 10-6-2015 12:21:45

    Haven’t tried FileAl but very happy with NitroFlare. Would advise not bothering with Publish2 or Keep2Share as both were markedly slower than NitroFlare for me. Approve of supporting the site by purchasing file sharing through this site. Approve of keeping away from annoying advertising or popups. I thing you do a great job with this site and I enjoy very much getting access to series I would not otherwise see. Congrats on a great site!

  2. 12-1-2015 07:15:41

    I will be buying but I am seriously checking out your site right now. I like what you are offering and I was wondering if eventually we will be able to make requests for specific shows.

  3. 1-12-2016 19:47:57

    Your website is amazing, the time you put into it must be huge.
    But the premium services you are using are completely useless and a joke.

    You want true honest feedback? From users who download from multiple locations.
    Enough to justify buying a premium subscription.. then here goes.

    You mention you need support to keep this site alive. 99% of all other sites just like this one offers free options too, there’s so many hosting sites out there right now that allows free users to download at almost premium speeds with very little if any download quota.

    You offer zero here for free users, so this site must just be about making money?
    keep2share, nobody in their right mind would buy a subscription to these hosts.

    As this is the ONLY site that uses them 2 hosts, if this site went down tomorrow, no other content would ever be found un keep2share and

    Why on earth are you sticking with premium hosters that have such low download limits? 20gb in 1 day lmao… and keep2share nitroflare 50gb in 1 day…

    The site is great, really is quite amazing, but the choice of filehosting services is just going to really anoy people.

    They’ve already paid out for, and now they have to pay for these as well?

    Do a test admins, google around and try to find any links on the net for keep2share or and see just what you find… absolutely nothing… people buy subscriptions to download files from websites all over the net just like yours, so by using completely un-used unknown filehosters, people will not subsribe to a hosting package with insane download limits for the price of getting uploaded/rapidgator account for half the price with unlimited downloads.

    If this site went down tomorrow, people know that their premium subs to these 2 hosting company’s will be completely useless (keep2share,

    • 1-12-2016 20:54:24

      Thanks for your feedback. You write your opinion as a user, and I understand You, but You don’t know many technical features of sharing services. I am grateful to those users who buy premium accounts, and it gives me the opportunity to continuously develop the website. Other websites use annoying ads, while I don’t. Also, soon to be the new tv website, where users can share their feedback about TV shows and to learn the latest information, schedules, posters, watch trailers, etc. Remember that this is only your opinion. Many users have a completely opposite view. The website has Nitroflare and FileAl. What services do you offer to use?

  4. 3-6-2016 23:56:45

    I think your site is amazing! Unfortunately I purchased a 1 month Nitroflare account before I found your site. BUT I will be buying from your links from now on. I believe your hard work deserves to be supported. Three thumbs up from me.

  5. 3-7-2016 06:01:02

    Thank you again for all you do….love that you fix things quickly and that we can request shows…..which is what I want to do now. I am looking for a series called The Republic of Doyle. Not sure of network. Thanks

    • 3-8-2016 21:34:24

      Republic of Doyle is the TV series of the Canadian channel CBC. The final (sixth) season ended in 2014. We will try to add Republic of Doyle to our website in the near future.

  6. 3-26-2016 17:27:58

    LOVE this site! Will be renewing with lifetime when my current term is up. Seems like NitroFlare might be the fastest been using keep2share and might switch if that seems faster. Any thoughts? Also would love to find the 2008 HBO mini series John Adams. HD on keep2share preferred but will take anything.

    And sons of liberty(history channel) links all broken.

    thanks and keep up the great site!

  7. 4-17-2016 05:10:53

    Hi Guys, Do we have to renew each time thru your link or do you get it if the original sub was with your link? I originally signed up with NitroFlare via your link for a 90 day sub, and need to renew soon.
    Want to make sure you get paid for your good work!

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