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Dear visitors and users, We are very pleased that you visit SharingSeries. Please donate to help us keep the our websites alive. Your help will go to the development of our websites. We are very thankful to those who support us. All who have made a donation can order any TV series and we will upload it to the website! Write in the comments how much you have donated and which TV shows do you want to see on SharingSeries!

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  1. sst
    5-4-2016 22:14:44

    Can I donate 10usd and request you for some series in 720p?

  2. anonemouse
    5-29-2016 17:03:42

    I would like Food Network’s Chopped seasons 1-20 please

      • anonemouse
        5-31-2016 18:44:41

        Sent you $20.00 from email j*******

        • 6-1-2016 22:50:51

          Thank you! Received. Straight all season? A huge amount of work

  3. anonemouse
    6-6-2016 02:46:46

    Hi Admin,
    Let me know when more funds need to be sent :)

      • anonemouse
        7-8-2016 00:13:14

        only interested in seasons 1 thru 10, will any progress be made?

  4. bbqqua
    6-23-2016 07:30:39

    Hello Admin, how much for all 4 seasons of Engrenages (Spiral) on 720p Nitroflare? Must have sub-titles :-)

  5. djvv123
    7-3-2016 00:10:53

    Thank you for your amazing work!! I have noticed that some of the English grammar is terribly awful when the different series are described on the home page. Is there any way I can help you guys fix this? If so, please contact me :)

  6. kingeider
    9-7-2016 18:33:09

    any chance of a few missing episodes being reupped at lower FREE size for a donation? I am missing some episodes of Intruders, Johnathan Strange, Girls Season 5 and Les Revenants Season 2, Please advise

  7. beers80
    11-14-2016 13:11:20

    Any chance we can get the current season and last season of American Dad. Thanks in advance

  8. lenskiy
    11-30-2016 15:43:26

    Good afternoon, tell me you do not accidentally require staff to work on your website?

  9. sst
    1-5-2017 20:14:37

    Keep2share is giving 4 months for the 3 months subscription, this is a nice bonus. I have purchased this for 33usd. Anybody want premium can think about this bonus.

    Dear Admin,
    There are many old series that is only available in low quality video, can you update some in 720p video on k2s?

    • 1-7-2017 17:53:39

      Unfortunately, we do it manually.
      You need to write a comment to the episodes you want to update, and to list the numbers of episodes.
      Your request will be fulfilled.
      Thank you for understanding!

      • sst
        1-17-2017 21:05:15

        Thank you, I have made comment on several series that many episodes are not available on Keep2share, unfortunately there is no reply.

        • 1-23-2017 17:04:50

          Hello! Your requests are already in process. Today or tomorrow will be fulfilled.

  10. beers80
    2-6-2017 11:40:01

    Hi, is there any chance we could please get Workaholics Season 7 and Baskets Season 2 please?
    Thanks in advance

  11. kem
    3-21-2017 12:42:15

    plz admin empire season 3,all the files ar no longer available,please help fix it thanks.

  12. majjjic
    6-24-2017 07:41:47

    If i donate, could you please put Rupaul’s Drag Race season 9 on here? Thanks.

  13. majjjic
    8-11-2017 07:15:00

    Are you still alive? Every time i request anything i get no reply. I will donate if i get a reply to this post.

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